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Do Study Groups Actually Work?

As tough as it may seem sometimes, your time as a high school student is actually the best time to learn important information and forge essential relationships to use in your lifetime. This is mainly due to the fact that you’re included in an immersive, all-encompassing learning environment,  surrounded by like-minded students who are just […]

Can Listening to Music Help You Study?

It’s an age-old debate that endlessly plagues the field of academia and tutoring – is listening to music while studying mentally stimulating, or simply distracting? While there’s valid points to both sides of the argument, we’ve decided to focus on the key points to get to the bottom of this ever-controversial topic. Headphones In, Distractions […]

Making the Most of Your Study Sessions

Let’s be real here: studying is never easy. No matter what stage of life or education you’re battling through, maintaining all your focus and concentration is a task which pervades even the brightest, most talented minds. While everyone has their own different approaches to knuckling down and busting out work, here’s some hot tips to […]